Property Management

Orange Beach & Gulf Shores Property Management :

As vacation property managers, Prickett Properties focuses on combining “boutique-style” service with big business marketing. The company uses the best and most current online marketing technology to ensure that the property is getting the most exposure to potential guests. We not only want to give you exceptional and personalized service but we want to give you the most income your property is capable of generating! Prickett Properties understands the importance of maximizing your rental income, and they also know how to deliver you results!

Daniel and Tamala would love the opportunity to tell you how they became Orange Beach Vacation Rentals & Gulf Shores vacation property managers. Tamala started her career as an attorney, and Daniel started his career as an owner of a lanscape firm. While these experiences enhanced their ability to more efficiently run a vacation property management company, their passion for their own Orange Beach & Gulf Shores investments took their lives on a different path. The Pricketts found so much enjoyment and passion in renting vacation properties that the business literally found them. The Pricketts did not even think to rent other owners properties, but real estate clients and friends started to request their services. The Pricketts started renting other owner’s property with the thought that it would be just something they did for one or two people. Gradually, the word spread and so did their business. Daniel and Tamala still have the same passion for what they do today than the day they took their first client. Daniel still enthusiastically answers rental calls, emails and checks properties. Tamala still plugs away at her magic on the website, internet, advertising. The Pricketts have a bigger team today than they did when they started, but they will never be too big to be personally involved in the day to day operations and owner relations. This is what sets Prickett Properties apart from the other companies you will find. There are not many companies that you can call the owner’s cell phone anytime you have a question!

Daniel and Tamala Prickett thoroughly understand the needs of the owner as well as the guest through their experiences in personally handling every detail of the vacation management firm. The Prickett’s bring a hands-on approach to property management which is often missing in the current market.

Below are some reasons why you should choose Prickett Properties LLC to manage your vacation property:

  1. Personalized service
    • Each owner is assigned a direct company contact to ensure every need of the owner is met.
    • Our company offers an owners module that can be accessed online which allows owners to efficiently and quickly block off any personal time.
  2. Maintenance and Care for your Property
    • 24 hour maintenance staff on-call to handle all maintenance emergencies.
    • Affordable and reliable maintenance. Our promise is to keep your property in good condition while keeping the maintenance costs reasonable and fair.
    • Additionally, we offer non-routine maintenance and construction repair services at competitive rates. Our company has developed strong relationships with qualified and reputable sub-contractors through our history in construction and will work closely with the Owners to provide the best and most competitively priced construction and repair services.
    • Hurricane preparedness services are available for your property to ensure that your investment is safe-guarded in the event of a named storm threat to the area.
  3. Professional, Clean and Conscious Housekeeping
    • The professional house-keeping staff is held to a high quality cleaning standard with a quality control inspection after every clean.Linen supplies and services are available to the guests at no additional charge to owners.
    • If the Owner or Guest is ever dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the property, our staff will promptly return to satisfy the needs of our clientele.
  4. Maximizing Owners Return On Investment
    • We utilize the latest internet and traditional marketing techniques and rate structures designed to maximize gross rentals.
    • Our company is able to provide the owner internet and print publication marketing exposure otherwise not economically feasible for owners renting out their own properties.
    • We research current market conditions, school holidays, concerts, and other local events along with previous rental history to determine when promotional rates should or should not be offered to maximize the owners return on investment.
    • Unlike for rent by owners, it is our full time job to answer all potential guest inquiries in a timely manner.
    • We host a state of the art website at www.PrickettProperties.com with 24 hour online booking, updated promotions, online chat, video blogs and more! We also host several other “sister” websites to generate additional inquiries for your property! We currently have 10 websites and growing!
    • Our company accepts all major credit cards for the convenience of the guests and security against accidental damages at no additional cost to the Owner. Our company pays all credit card fees which would otherwise be a significant cost to the owner.

At Prickett Properties LLC, we know that our Owners are busy with their careers and families. Our company offers Owners the best possible return on their investment with the peace of mind that their property is being well taken care of by our team of professional property managers.